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What goes into determining your pets grooming cost?

By November 23, 2018March 31st, 2022Uncategorized

One of the most common phrases that we hear in a grooming salon from our customers is, ” Fluffy’s haircut cost more than mine!”

Here are some things to take into consideration:

  • How much hair is cut on your head vs. your pets entire body.
  • Your trip to a salon for just a haircut is a lot quicker for you than your pet.
  • Does your stylist also include a manicure and pedicure or ear cleaning?
  • Does your haircut include a wash and blow dry?
  • You woudn’t go in with a head full of dreadlocks and expect your stylist to brush them out.
  • I don’t think you would try to bite, poop or pee on you stylist.

Now that we have taken all the your groomer does for your pet here is how we determine the cost. Its comes down to four factors:

  • Size of the pet
  • Condition of the coat
  • Type of cut that is done
  • Behavior

Size of the pet: No dog is alike. We have some Yorkie’s that are 3lbs and some that are 20lbs. Obviously a 3lb dog is not going to cost the same as a 20lb dog.

Condition of the coat: If your pet is maintained on a grooming schedule it should be in good enough condition that when i comes in we can send it straight to the bath tub. If there are some matts ( knots ) that are able to be brushed out we have to take extra time to safely brush them out without harming the dog. We consider 5mins of brushing is feasible with every groom. Anything past that will be charged and extra Dematting fee. If the matts are unable to be brushed out to the extent that the coat needs to be shaved off that as well takes extra time to make sure no skin is twisted up in a matt that could be cut. We also have to cut the coat dirty which on a matted coat dulls our blades and we then need to get them sharpened.

If dogs such as retrievers, huskies, or shepherd come in with an excessive amount of coat a de-shedding fee is automatically added. It takes extra time to wash the coat, dry it and brush out. Plus we always have a nice mess to clean up.

Type of cut that is done: Depending on the type of trim you want on your pet will determine the cost. If you get a short all over trim it will be less expensive than a longer trim style or one with the legs hand scissored. The amount of scissor work required on the groom will overall determine the price. For example if you get your dog trimmed shorter in the summer and longer in the winter, the winter time cut may end up costing more depending on the coat length.

We look at scissoring skills as an art. There for if you would rather have your dogs legs look like round cylinders than tooth picks, those are all scissored by hand. This takes extra time, skill and brushing to properly prepare the coat. This is our most popular trim that we are know for and it is also the most expensive.

Here are some examples of trim styles:


Short all over                                                   VS.               Scissored legs


Behavior: If your pet is putting itself or any of the groomers safety in danger they are subject to a handling fee. We need to take extra time to safely complete the groom. Or at worst if a groomer was to get bit there would then  be medical bills.

Stephanie Stempfer