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Flea & Tick season is here!

By October 17, 2017March 31st, 2022Uncategorized

Fall is my favorite season! Unfortunately it is also the favorite season to fleas and ticks!

As the days are growing shorter and the nights getting cooler fleas and ticks are constantly looking for something warm blooded to latch on to to keep them alive. They especially love to hide in piles of leaves for warmth.

We have recently seen an EXPLOSION of fleas and ticks on our four legged clients.

Please remember it is extremely important to keep your beloved pets protected this time of year with some sort of flea & tick preventative and treatment.

We do offer flea baths and tick removals during your pets grooming service if we happen to find any hitchhikers. We also carry a wide array of preventatives for dogs and cats.

Just because we get a frost does not mean they are dead. We need a constant temperature of 32 degrees or below to kill them.

If you happen to get  flea infestation and are using a toipical treatment apply it ever 21 days instead of every month. The life cycle of a flea hatches every 21 days. All pets in the household MUST BE TREATED in order to break the life cycle!

On a final note, if the fleas are on you pet, they are also in your house! Happy Fall Ya’ll!

Stephanie Stempfer