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July 2020

Choosing the right grooming salon

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When choosing the right groomer, don’t always go for the lowest price and recommendations. There are a lot of options these days to take into consideration. Big box stores, privately owned salons, mobile, or home based. Take the time to check them out for yourself, do your homework.


Believe it or not we are not technically a licensed industry. Has the groomer taken it upon themselves to get licensed or certified for their trade? If not have they at least taken any classes to obtain certifications from furthering their education? Are they trained in pet first aid or CPR in the event of an emergency?


Does the business have a website, Facebook or Instagram account? Does it look professional? Look at the pictures of the salon. Does it look clean? Now look at the finished grooms. Do they look cleanly washed, dried , brushed and cut? Does the finished groom look choppy, not even, un brushed or un bathed? Would you be satisfied paying for that?


Is the salon looking for more “quantity of grooms “over the actual “ quality” of the finished grooms? Are you just another dollar sign walking in the door?


Unlike some salons we do not offer after pictures of every dog with a fancy set up. Instead we would rather spend the time making sure that groom looks perfect for the customer.


How long will your pet be in their care? On average most grooms should be able to be completed in 2 hours or less. Will they be drying them by hand or letting them sit in a cage all day to dry with a fan on them?  Does the facility cage your pet or let them roam and interact with other pets? If your pet will be staying there for a significant amount of time will water be provided for them?


What type of products do they use? A quality shampoo specifically suitable for your pet; or will they be getting the Dawn dish soap special. Yes, this happens…


A good groomer will take the time to gain the pets trust that will lead to a long lasting bond. Never should they lie about services they aren’t comfortable or knowledgeable about performing just to make that extra buck .They will and should not lie to you about your pets behavior just to keep your business.


A trusted salon should be able to answer and back up all these questions.

These are the questions you should be asking yourself and the people caring for your pets.